On Dreams


It is very good to dream with your eyes wide open. It is something that helps us to discover those desires that motivate us and make us evolve. It’s about the foundation of our tomorrow’s goals! But what happens when we do not dream? When we no longer know what dream to choose? I’ve consulted a dream “guru” and I’ve learnt quite interesting things.


My daughter is only 4 years old. And, although she’s very young, she’s the prettiest, the smartest, the best … person I know, because she’s … my daughter. But, beyond these extraordinary qualities, she has a quality that goes far beyond everything. She never stops to amaze me.

On her birthday, she received a gift – Doc McStuffins’ tool kit (Those who do not know who this fascinating character is, are asked to study its biography on Disney Junior channel). Suddenly, her universe changed. She no longer wanted to be Princess Sofia (Evidently, in this case also, you will find biographical references on Disney Junior!) but Doc McStuffins. This sudden change intrigued me and I tried to find out more.

– Do you not want to be Princess Sofia anymore?

– No, I’m the Doc McStuffins!

– Well, yesterday, you wanted to be Princess Sofia.

– No, I’m the Doc McStuffins!

– And why do you want to be Doc McStuffins?

– Because I want to heal Lambie!

How ‘deep’, right? And yet … full of profound lessons! I think I managed to squeeze a few drops from the source of wisdom that is my daughter – this guru of dreaming with open eyes.

1. Dreams change. They are no longer the same as they were a while ago. They progress or regress according to our spiritual progress, life experience, what we have studied and so on. In short, they say a lot about who we are! After a time, when my daughter had dreamed to be Princess Sofia, she decided to be someone else – Doc McStuffins!

2. Dreams depend greatly on our sources of inspiration. As I said before, the environment we live in, the education, the people we admire and our mentors are the sources of our dreams. Therefore, it is very important how we choose our „idols” or mentors. Are they relevant examples for us? Would we like to copy their personalities entirely or just parts of them? I’m glad my daughter watches Disney Junior. (At least for now.) I’m going to start worrying when she becomes preoccupied with TV channels that broadcast music videos or, worse, talk-shows about politics.

3. A child’s dream aim to do good to others. Whether it is an activity that helps others or simply something that contributes to creating a better world, a child’s dreams do not mean to harm anybody. They want to do something good, they want to know the others are happy and especially they do not want to enjoy only themselves by fulfilling their dreams. That’s why my daughter wants to be a doctor for „healing Lambie.” (How cool this is!)

4. Dreams are action-centered. We’re not going to see kids wanting to laze all day, even if it’s on a hammock, on a beach form a Caribbean island. They want to do something concrete. They want to act. They want to transform, to modify, and to create. Because action brings that sense of fulfillment, that they have accomplished something. It is very hard to watch a child when he is living his dream. For example, even the most efficient ambulance service in the world does not intervene more promptly than my daughter, when the red bulb announcing Lambie’s suffering is lit. Once it is healed, she is the happiest! (And I hope the Lambie’s batteries run out soon!)

5. A child’s dreams are based on the resources at hand. Each surrounding object has the magic quality of turning itself into something extraordinary that makes you escape into a realm of fantasy that we, the grownups, have forgotten. However, they are only simple objects. To dream, a child doesn’t need things he doesn’t have, which are not in his grasp. He is much anchored in the surrounding reality. From here, he goes on his imaginary journey. Practically, to be happy in his world, everything that is accessible to him is all he needs! My daughter uses her imagination to create princess cloaks, doctor gowns, royal crowns, scepters, etc. She does not ask for anything extra. If she doesn’t have a specific object, she draws it, colors it, cuts it and continues to live her dream. (This principle is especially valuable for parents who have no money left and until the next salary time is measured in centuries.)

6. Dreams must be ours! My daughter does not want to be anything but what she wants. In vain we, Daddy and Mommy, try to tell her that she can be someone else. She just does not want to. And it is normal to be so. It’s her dreams. God has created us unique, so it is normal for our dreams to be unique. They might resemble others, but they will never be the same. (Those who do not believe me I wish them good luck in succeeding to convince my daughter to be Princess Sofia again!)

7. To make us happy, the dreams must be fulfilled, and for this we have to act. Children do this naturally. They do not analyze the pros and cons, they do not think whether it is possible or not, they do not make super detailed plans which will never be put into practice. No! Simply, they live their dream! If a little girl wants to become a princess, the next moment she finds something to be turned into a princely cloak. If a boy wants to become a Superman, we have a pretty clear idea of ​​how he will dress. (That’s why I’m quite happy that my daughter does not consider Lady Gaga as her idol and doesn’t try to copy her clothes! But that’s another story.)

8. If our dreams do not satisfy us anymore, we must move on. Children don’t hesitate when it comes to start a new dream, a new adventure. If the dream from 5 minutes ago has been fulfilled and it does not produce the same amount of happiness, the child will simply seek another dream. He will not wonder about „what might have happened if …” He will go on. He will seek another dream, and he will live that one as well. That is why, for a child, life is always very diverse, even though from the exterior it seems monotonous, repetitive.

So now, Mom and I are waiting to see what our daughter’s next dream will be. But we’re trying to be proactive! That’s why I ask those who are parents of teenage girls to tell us the main rules of survival for the time when the fantastic characters that will inspire our daughter will dwell on MTv Channel!

Until then, do not forget to have dreams and live them. I am sure that once they are fulfilled, they will become memories that will make you smile and inspire you to move on. No matter where you want to go!

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