My name is Sorin and I’ve always wanted to know the people! This is what fascinates me! I want to know them, to help them and, whenever I have the opportunity, I like to share with them thoughts, emotions, memories…

Ailenei SorinSo, I studied Orthodox Theology, History of Religions and Psychotherapy. These are subjects that helped me understand the way man manifests himself in connection with God and the way he connects with his fellows.

Therefore, I want to share what I know with you and I desire to hear your opinions on the matters I discuss in my posts or on the subjects related to them.

But I do not want a dialogue just for the theologians! I am not a priest, monk or an employee of the Church, so I just want a conversation between ordinary people who live in the midst of this crazy world; people who are confronted with the same ordinary challenges like everybody else in our society.

Basically, this blog exists because I have this desire to help those who want to know more about Orthodox Christian Faith, and especially those who want to apply in their lives the teachings the Church has preserved over the millennia.

Also, I want this blog to be alive! So, as I get in touch with you, as I talk to my friends or as I receive different opinions from those I come into contact with, the blog will evolve.

I wish that everything I have written here, the resources I created for you to be something that really help you.

So, if you have any ideas you want to discuss, suggestions or comments to make, please share them in the “Comments” section bellow each post so that I can refer to them in my posts.

These being said, thank you for your time and may God help you find the answers you are looking for!

I wish you a pleasant reading!